Payment Policy

A. Payment Methods

  1. COD (Cash On Delivery) – Payment on delivery With this payment method, Customer only needs to place an order through Vigo Users, then pay the total order value and shipping fee (if applicable). yes) to the delivery staff of Vigo’s delivery partners when receiving the products.
  2. Bank transfer To pay online, the Customer’s bank account must register for Internet Banking service. Customers please transfer the total order value and shipping fee (if any) to Vigo’s bank account with the following syntax:

Store name – Order number. Vigo will contact you to confirm after receiving the transfer value. Note: Bank account information will be provided by Vigo after you place an order

For any questions, please contact Customer Service Center: 18002048 or email [email protected]

B. Payment Policy

  • For orders valued at less than VND 20,000,000; Customers can choose 01 of 02 payment methods: COD and bank transfer.
  • For orders valued at VND 20,000,000 or more; Customers can only pay by bank transfer